Misting System 


Leading manufacturer, supplier of Industrial Mist cooling Systems in Hyderabad with network in various cities. We do mist fog system installations throughout Hyderabad.

Odor Control Misting System

Get rid of foul smells in industries and enhance the excellent working environment for employees and meet Polllution Control boards objective.


Dust Suppression Fogging System

Arrest the dust in the industrial process with help of dust suppression technologies from True Water Savers.

Blow room mist system for Humidification

Industrial High Pressure Misting System

Variety of industrial application used misting systems including cooling, dust suppression, humidification and many other critical application.

Indoor High Pressure Misting System

Indoor misting systems reduces Air Conditioing loads and best for indoor areas as well.

Adiabatic cooling kit manufacturers

Adiabatic Cooling Kit

Makes your chiller energy efficient and consumes less power during summper by misting the condensor coils.

Humidification in Textile / Spinning mills

Get better output and improve quality of yarns with help of humidification in textile units and spinning mills.

Blow room mist system for Humidification

Blow room mist system for Humidification

Increase moisture in the yarns with help of blow room humidification.

Oil Field Cooling Systems

reduces evopration of petroleum products in oild fields.

Roof Evaporative Cooling System

Reduce heat penetration inside the industrial sheds.

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