Manufacturers and Suppliers of Water Saver Nozzle attachment for taps helps save water by atomization of the water particles adn sprinkles. Conservation Up to 97% water from Taps

Water Saving Nozzle Details

What is mean by Tap water saving nozzle and How does it works?
  • Since water pressure affects the flow rate, too much of water gets wasted in the taps. For Example, When a tap is opened for hand wash, more than 95% of the water bounces off the Users and gets wasted.
  • The purpose of water saving tap Nozzles or Tap Nozzle is to maintain a constant rate of water flow with minimal variation in the flow due to pressure fluctuations. Since water pressure is affected a little, there is hardly any difference in the amount of water coming out from an aerated tap. Users can benefit from normal water flow while maintaining water efficiency at the same time. Quantity of bouncing water reduced to a greater extent.
  • Tap Nozzles water saver are of use especially with older taps which typically supply around 8 to 15 liters of water per minute. A Water Saving Nozzle for tap can help cut the water flow by up to 97% (i.e just 300 ml per minute) compared to normal aerator flow.
  • Nozzle for tap can be installed on 95% of taps and as per estimates, their use can save up to 2500 liters of water in a month.
  • Water Saving Nozzles are alternatively called as Water Conservation Nozzle, Water brass Nozzle, Tap Spray nozzle, Water saving kitchen faucet, Faucet spray mist nozzle, tap mist nozzle, water saver nozzle, etc.. Just have a look at the Video for more details.
What are the available Water Saving Nozzle flow patterns?
  • Various flow patterns are available in water saver nozzle like Shower flow(Shower stream/Spray), Umbrella  flow(Hollow cone flow where the water spray like a cone) and  Mist flow (Breaking up of water particles into tiny particles and sprays like a mist).

  • What are the available water saving Nozzle Flow rates?

  • True TapShower – Shower flow Nozzle – 2, 3 & 4 LPMs

  • TrueSpray – Umbrella flow Nozzle – 1 and 2 LPMs

  • Truemist – Mist flow Nozzle – 300 and 500 ml per minute (Standard Models)

  • TrueMist Twister – Dual mode nozzle – Mist & Shower flow pattern

  • TrueMist Arc – Mist flow Nozzle – 500 ml per minute (Standard Models).

Advantage of our water saving tap Nozzle:
  • Made of complete brass which is know for its durability and CP coated.
  • Many Models which can saves up to 97%.
  • Converts a normal tap to water saver tap.
  • Highly customization with Quality.
  • 2 year replacement warranty. 
  • Various flow patterns.
  • Adapter for Various threads sizes (Both Internal and External Threads)
  • Economical and competitive pricing. (Lowest in the industry).
  • Works both in Pressurized water piping systems (With pressure pump booster) and Pressure-less system  (Gravity pressure piping system).
  • Our own manufacturing unit with ISO 9001:2015 certification.
  • Extensive distribution network in India.
  • We manufacture water saving nozzle under Make In India program.
What are the benefits of installing a faucet Nozzles?

Saves water. A faucet aerator can greatly reduce the amount of water you use in your home. The amount of water you can save depends on the type of aerator you install, but Nozzles are available that restrict faucet flow-rate to below 300 ml per minute (0.3 LPM).

Filters out debris. The screen in the aerator is able to trap small debris that would otherwise have made it out of your faucet. Although Nozzles can get clogged with debris, calcium and limescale, you can easily remove and clean them.

 Prevents splashing. Without an aerator, water would come out in one big stream and splash all over the place. By dividing the water into streams and slowing down the flow rate, an aerator is able to reduce splashing out of the faucet.

Shapes Your Faucet Water. Faucet Nozzles are also used to shape the water stream that it coming out of your sink. It helps create a straight, evenly pressured water stream. 

Increases Perceived Water Pressure. While faucet Nozzles do cut down on the amount of water that you are using, it actually creates a buildup of high pressure in your faucet right behind the aerator. This is particularly helpful in homes that have low water pressure.

General Specification:

All standard Greenly water nozzles have thread size of M24(Outer) and the Adapter rings will be suitable for taps with M22 Size(Tap thread will be Outer. So the adapter will have thread inside)

How I can choose my Water Nozzle for tap?

Choose based on the purpose and consider following facts.

  1. Tap location
  2. Tap Angle
  3. Faucet or Sink Size
  4. Pressure at Tap point
How about Maintenance of water saving nozzle?

Water Saving Nozzles occasionally need to be rinsed out since sand and other particulate can build up near the filter, restricting the flow of water. Please plan to clean the filters periodically to maintain good performance. Scaled nozzles can be cleaned using Vinegar. Its not advisable to use acids and other harmful chemicals.

What are the difference between water saving Nozzle and water saving Aerator?

Water saving Nozzle is made of Brass with Average Life(based on water quality) of 7 to 10 Years. We offer 2 years warranty and the maximum water saving percentage is 97%.

Water saving Aerators are made of Poly Oxy Methlene with Average Life(based on water quality) of 2 to 3 Years. We offer 1 years warranty and the maximum water saving percentage is 87%.

Our Recommendations:
  • 2 LPM True TapShower for Restroom Wash basins (Shower water saver).
  • 3 LPM True TapShower for Hotels and Restaurants hand wash area.
  • 4 LPM  True TapShower or Truemist Twister or TrueSpray 2 for Kitchen  Tap.
  • 4 LPM  True TapShower or Truemist Twister or Truespray 2 water saver nozzle where water requirement is higher. eg. utensils washing
  • Truemist or TrueSpray 1 water saving nozzle for corporate office (Mist Sprinkler for tap | Mist Spray nozzle for Tap).

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What are water saver nozzle ?

Water Saver Tap Nozzle are small attachments that are fitted at the end of the water taps mouth’s thread as an attachment.

Nozzles come in various forms divides the flow of water into multiple small streams by adding air in between or changing the stream into a different formats. The volume of water flowing from the tap gets appreciably reduced as the water stream is diluted with air. These results in water savings and aerators also minimize splashing in sinks.

Normal Aerators will not restrict the flow of water and the water flow is directly proportional to the pressure of the water line. so, Normal Aerator dispense anywhere between 8 liters per minutes to 15 liters per minute.

We manufacture one of the best water saving nozzle in India under Make in India programme.

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